Corn by Any Other Name

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msmith There a number of different kinds of corn; some examples include flour corn, flint corn, dent corn and sweet corn. These different varieties each have different culinary, agricultural and industrial uses. In addition to these different kinds, different corn species can be genetically modified and patented by whichever purveyor modifies the genetic strain. Corn can be grown organically or conventionally.

Adherents to the Phase 1 diet know that corn, under any and all circumstances, is off limits. This dietary restriction extends to anything made with corn (i.e., corn tortillas, corn bread, corn, chips, etc.) and anything made with parts of corn (i.e., corn syrup, corn starch, etc.). Even after graduating to the Phase 2 and Life Phase of the diet, this particular restriction continues.

There are two primary reasons for this; corn is documented as being universally
contaminated with mycotoxins, which can cause human disease. Corn is also high in sugar and starch – two things that can fuel pathogenic fungi in the body and exacerbate a fungal infection.

Regardless of its color, kind or brand, regardless of whether it is organic or conventional, and regardless of whether it is grown on a farm or in your back yard, corn is off limits on all levels of Phase dieting.