Is There Ever a Good Mushroom?

doug-headshot-bw There are tens of thousands of foods. One of them is mushroom. Without mushroom, there are tens of thousands of foods. Some believe mushrooms have medicinal qualities, and I believe they are correct. But, so does garlic, and garlic isn’t classified as a fungus. I don’t knowingly eat fungus.

Genetically Modified Organisms and Corn

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There has been a good bit of coverage in the news over the past few years concerning the marketing and labeling of foods that have been genetically modified. These foods – even now – are on your grocery store shelves. Because of the laws in this country, purveyors do not have to inform you whether the food you are eating contains products that have been genetically modified.


What Is In "Processed" Meat?

msmith Anyone familiar with the Phase 1 diet knows that meat is allowed, and even encouraged, often in greater amounts than one would consume on other diets. Bacon and eggs in the morning, turkey in a salad in the afternoon and a grass fed steak for dinner wouldn't be out of line on the Phase 1 diet. 


Immune Boosting Foods & What You Need to Know

doug-headshot-bw Virtually every magazine, newspaper, website or nutritionist has their “favorite immune boosting foods”.  A phrase I’ve come up with seems to be shared by 99% of the nutrition community when it comes to food contributing to healthy immunity.


Moldy Bread - Is the Rest Safe to Eat?

msmith It has happened to everyone who has ever bought bread; a week later, you notice some green fuzz on one end of the bread. Your bread has grown mold on it. What do you do? The frugal side of you says to discard the moldy portion, and save the rest. The cautious side wonder, is it really safe to eat the rest of this?


Should Soy Be Part of Your Phase 1 Diet?

msmith I stopped drinking milk when I was very young. I simply didn't like the taste and still don't to this day. It seemed a sin when mom would make cookies to drink water with them, but I simply couldn't bring myself to drink milk. That all changed the first time I had soymilk - I loved the taste and the texture. However, a couple years later I learned a few things about soy that encouraged me to stop drinking soymilk, or eating soy in general.


Corn by Any Other Name

msmith There a number of different kinds of corn; some examples include flour corn, flint corn, dent corn and sweet corn. These different varieties each have different culinary, agricultural and industrial uses. In addition to these different kinds, different corn species can be genetically modified and patented by whichever purveyor modifies the genetic strain. Corn can be grown organically or conventionally.


Fruit and Phase 1


msmith The Phase 1 Diet was designed with a couple things in mind. Foods that would do nothing to feed any sort of pathogenic fungal infection were to be encouraged. These foods included organic grass fed, wild caught or pastured meats. Vegetables were encouraged, as were nuts and seeds. Fruits were limited to the tart variety: lemons, limes, grapefruit, berries, avocados, tomatoes, etc.


The New York City Soda Ban

msmith New York City's mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken bold action in the fight against obesity, calling for a city-wide law banning the sale of sodas over 16 ounces. This is one of the boldest moves made on the part of any governing body to curb the nationwide problem of obesity.


Are there really health benefits to wine?

doug-headshot-bw Virtually everyone is touting the many health benefits of drinking wine. Even a popular health magazine is promoting a glass or two of red wine daily. Know that there are two sides to every story.


Does Corn Cause Cancer?


America no longer sends Russia our corn, which just happens to be “genetically modified” corn, or GMO.

Recently, Russian scientists ran studies on rats, using American corn. Rats live about 2 years, so they never sacrificed the rats, rather they let them live their full lives. Upon their death, researchers discovered and have now published in a medical journal that found raised levels of breast, liver and kidney cancer.



Omega 3 Fatty Acids? Go Fish!

doug-headshot-bw Of course, you’ve heard the news; Omega 3 fatty acids may not lower cardiac risk! My first thought? You mean they may? 


Salmonella and Gut Terrain

msmith If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of being infected with salmonella, you know that it is not a pleasant experience. Salmonella can cause fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea – sometimes so severe that the infected person must be hospitalized. Most people recover without treatment in 4 to 7 days. Salmonella is a food borne bacteria. People get sick from eating contaminated foods, or foods that have been cross-contaminated. The gut is one of the first lines of defense for immunity. Many health practitioners will often say that good health begins and ends with the gut.


Vegan vs. Conventionally-Raised Burger

Michael Smith Blog Summer is the time for being outside and enjoying the sun, hopefully in the presence of water. Whether it is an ocean, a lake or a pool, swimming is the perfect summer exercise.



Curcumin and Fungus

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause The telephone was a pretty amazing invention, but I have a feeling that never even in Mr. Bell's wildest dreams did he imagine that his invention would mutate into today's smart phone. I personally use an iPhone (like millions of other people), and I have to admit that it comes in handy in situations like today. I would have other wise had nothing to do while waiting for my car's oil to get changed. Instead I stumbled upon this article while reading some science pages. 


Substitutes For Peanut Butter Can Go A Long Way

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Peanut butter was never something that I found particularly hard to give up when I started Phase 1. But I know that for many people, this slightly salty, sometimes sweet paste is a staple in their diets. 


Why Corn Will Never Be OK on Phase 1

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause There are a few things that get excluded on Phase 1 without question: corn, grain, alcohol, sugar, potatoes and antibiotics are the biggest offenders. 


Grass Fed Meat, Chickens, & Wild Fish

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Obviously, meat is a cornerstone on the Phase 1 diet, but it is highly recommended that the meat you consume be grass-fed and organic. I've seen some questions about it recently, and I wanted to clear a few things up. 


Kombucha & Phase 1

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Every so often, a new product comes on the market with some fairly bold health claims. These usually center around a "new" berry or seed or nut or formula that promises to fight against disease and promote vitality. 


Coffee and Phase 1

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Coffee is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart; I began my love of the hot, aromatic brew when I was in high school. The caffeine buzz helped me study, and eventually that uplifted feeling that coffee lends to its drinkers became part of my daily routine.