Category: Kitchen Tips

food-storage The most cost-effective, healthy way to store food (left-overs, dry goods and liquids) is in glass containers. There is much controversy over the safety of plastic food storage containers, even those labeled BPA- free. Using glass eliminates that worry, plus the problem of stained containers (glass always comes clean).

Also, food stored in glass containers in the fridge just looks more appetizing! These can be purchased food containers that come in all sizes and shapes, or just re-purposed empty jars that were purchased containing food-- think tomato sauce, olive jars, baby food jars etc. Another great option is canning jars, which can be purchased by the case at a very reasonable cost.

The refundable cream bottles available at health food stores hold a pint and have a redeemable value of $1.50. After you’ve used the cream, they’re perfect for storing liquids like salad dressings or sauces, or just for keeping single serving-sized containers of cold water.

Use masking tape or food label stickers to identify the contents and the date the food is first stored. If storing a food with a sell-by date, include that information as well.